August 16th, 2013

big collar

Finally... and some stuff about Dutch straw hats (picture heavy post)

Being sick sucks, and it's a lousy excuse for not posting, but there it is, and I can't get away from it.  Pennsic was physically rather challenging, though I had a great time, but at the end of War week, it had become rather obvious that I was on a downward turn again.  I see my doctor on Monday.

It was a really great Pennsic; in no particular order, I:

- Took Larissa as an apprentice (on a time-share with Mistress Ceridwen, who is her Pelican).  We'll be exploring the more esoteric delights of drawn-work and cut-work embroidery together.
- Got to see my good friend Maeb ingen Brain become a Pelican.
- Had a lovely bardic/singing night on the middle Saturday, with Bob on guitar, and Lisette, one of my apprenteges, with us.
- Got to see my other apprentege, Brian de Moray, get his White Scarf, right after winning back the Iron Spike (literally, as he won it back, their Majesties were walking up behind him - it was great).  We managed to get all his family and friends up to the rapier field without him realizing what we were doing.  And, in Atlantian Court on Thursday, an emissary from Aethelmearc presented a letter of congratulations to Brian, signed by all the WS in Aethelmearc, and all four Royals.  I'm so proud of him.

Despite my physical and "being in a big, dense crowd" issues, I made it down to the new barn to see the Knowne World A&S display, which was full of awesome stuff.  While I was there, two very nice Laurels introduced themselves, and one of them also mentioned that they had been involved in a bit of a kerfluffle on a costume list, because their hat was deemed "too 18th Century", and they had modeled it after mine.  It seems that the turn-up of the brim in the back was the main issue, so they were hoping I had some info on hats. As it happens, I do.


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