November 15th, 2012

big collar


So, I'm packing up my clothes for a solo trip to Holiday Faire (in Atlantia, for my foreign kingdom readers - all two of you that are probably left, since I'm not on Facebook), and I've done my usual thing to make sure that I bring both the top and the bottom part of my outfit (don't laugh; it could happen to you).  That thing is pointing the bodies to the petticoats.

I tried to lift it up to put it with the other things I'm bringing*, and... oof.

5 yards of linen weighs a lot, y'alls.  It weighs a lot more than wool (at least when it's dry).

*knitted fingerless mitts, braided garters, and the usual assortment of fine shirts, shifts, and trousers.

bun: wheelie stool

A Universe of Wonders to Behold...

Okay, two links to the same site in two days is a bit much, but actually, this article made me cry a little.  I spend so much of my time wrapped up in the study of the past, occasionally I forget to look up and see how amazing this world truly is.  After Avatar came out, I heard about people who were actually depressed because Pandora didn't exist, and they wanted to go there.  I think it's really, really important to remember that no fictional world, no, not even the fictional universe in Firefly, can measure up to the incredible world we walk through every day.

Yes, sometimes it doesn't seem like this world is that cool - we know it, and it's just everyday for us.  So we imagine a world with magical stand-ins for Native Americans, where we can be one with brightly-coloured flying horse-things, and magic air jellyfish.  Or we pretend we're defending the universe Wild, Wild West, with laser guns and cool clothes.  I know, I pretend to be in another world on a regular basis.  The thing we have is never as amazing as the thing we don't have, and can't get.

But look at the images in that article.  Damn.  This world is literally awesome, and we should remember to regard it with the proper awe and delight that it deserves sometimes.

Let's let James Cameron keep Pandora.  I'll take science over magic any day.