March 4th, 2012


Embroidery and Less Fun Things

Well, let's get the less fun things out of the way first.  Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to check on my thyroid, since I have gone and got myself a thyroid "goiter" (because I'm so authentic, even my medical conditions are documentable).  The Monday after that, I go and get a follow-up ultrasound on my boobs, because of "an area of non-symmetry on the left breast".  Apparently, I can't even have my issues one at a time - I'm just such an overachiever. 

I'm not freaking out yet, because I have nothing so far to freak out about, but I will admit to slight trepidation.

Anyway, on to more fun stuff!  In a marathon 9-hour session on Friday, I got the fourth sleeve piece GST done.  Yay me, though I'm paying for it today.  So, I took pictures:

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