October 26th, 2011

party girl


Okay, this is the weirdest, most uncomfortable-looking, yet strangely compelling pair of shoes I've ever seen.

They're like M.C. Escher shoes.

These, on the other hand, are gorgeous. They're not the first shoes I want on my wish list (that would be omg these), but they're on my wish list.

I love shoes.  I have far too many pairs, and even though I gave up a bunch when we moved, there are lots that I simply can't part with, because they're freaking works of art.  I get so many compliments on my shoes, you have no idea.  And I get most of them from DSW or the thrift (my favourite was a pair of Etienne Aignier Victorian-style ankle boots from the '80s), and they're all comfortable (or I totally wouldn't wear them).

I'm just very lucky at finding awesome shoes.  And while the first pair I linked to are amazing as far as artistic design goes, you wouldn't catch me in them, because I'd kill myself.