August 31st, 2011

rabbid:  dangerous

Filthy (but calculable) Lucre

(BTW:  Thank you all for the condolences on Bob's Dad.  He died at the beginning of April, just after we moved, so I didn't really mention it much.  We had his ashes in a beautiful box on the piano until this last weekend, when we were able to get all the family together and have the funeral service.  I'll pass the messages along, thank you.)

I just noticed something rather clever on our Amex bill; there's a bit at the top under what we owe, that tells us that if we decide to pay over time (this is possible with some items on the bill, like travel expenses), we will pay more in interest, and then tells us exactly how much more interest we will be paying if we stop buying anything more and only make minimum payments on what we already owe.  To the dollar amount - that's rather good.

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