February 14th, 2011

bun: tired

It *has* been a month...

Happy Valentine's Day, mes amies!

Those of you who are newer to my blog and have not read my website fully (yet) might enjoy some of my past thoughts on Valentines in my Le Monde section (scroll down to "Not-So-Sweet Valentines").

As for why there has been such radio silence from attack laurel land, well, we got laid low with colds after Kingdom A&S (I'm getting a bug per event these days, what is it with the plague monkeys loose across the land?!), but more importantly, Bob got laid off (it's okay, we had this eventuality in mind) and we're retiring to the farm a year earlier than planned.  Like, March.

So, it's been packing boxes and running stuff down to the house (we're trying out "Dogwood Farm" for a name; farming dogwoods sounds like fun, and we have tons of free-range ones in the woods), and getting sick, and packing more stuff, and making arrangements, and no time for doing much more than sitting on the sofa in a stupor at the end of the day.  I'm still working, too.  And there's other stuff in the pipeline, and I don't think we have a free weekend from now until the end of the world.

I've had posts in my head, believe me; they just don't get transferred to the computer (speaking of which, we can't have an interruption in intarwebs service since Bob is teaching; does anyone know where to get/borrow a cheap laptop?).  My haid, she is brimming with wit and wisdom and random existential blurtings, oh when shall I sit down and inflict them on y'all?  Woe.

Anyway, I thought I needed to update.  So there it is.