January 31st, 2011

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I'd like to join Feministe in boosting the signal on Scarleteen's Find-A-Doc Service.  Too often, young people (men and women!) are constrained (by fear or embarassment or the need for privacy regarding sexual matters) from finding a care provider that is safe for them (that won't shame them, or immediately call their parents, or refuse to honour their privacy).

Scarleteen is a fabulous site, accessible to every young person with access to a computer, that provides real, helpful sexual advice without shame, lies, or propaganda.  I support them fully, especially remembering the younger sister of a friend in England, who was terrified that sex with her boyfriend could lead to pregnancy, who had no idea where to obtain condoms, let alone the pill, and whose parents were repressive and anti-sex, who would simply punish her for being sexual (she was 16).

(I gave her my stash of condoms, and explained how to get more.  In retrospect, I should have given her a lesson on how to use them effectively, too.)

I understand fully how lucky and privileged I was to have a parent (my mother) who was open about sexuality, and made no bones about letting me educate myself through reading.  She wasn't happy about my sexual life (I was actually pretty late getting started, at 17)*, but made sure that I was furnished with contraceptives and information.  I went into my sexual life fully informed and eager, not frightened and ignorant.  I wish for the same for everyone.**

If you feel the same way, please boost the signal to any young people you may know.  You never know, it might save their life.

*I put this down to her experiences as a young woman in the '40s, when being a sexually active woman (even into one's twenties) was occasion for nasty commentary about "used goods".  I do not hold it against her, but sympathize and rage on her behalf at the injustice.

**My former stepmother once said "I hope when my daughter is your age, she isn't as educated as you [about sex]".  She didn't mean it as a compliment, but to this day, I take it as one anyway.  Education is a good thing.