attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Moar photos

And here's Bob's very clever flying bicycle:

punk 6 8133781277_f8ac36f3c2
You can't see the wings very well, but they're gold mylar emergency blankets pulled over a frame and screwed down.  The fringe on the seat and the pedals makes the whole thing, in my estimation.

And I think I posted some pics of this before, but this is my birdcage:
punk 3 punk 4
punk 5
The little birds started out as regular florist-style foam birds, then were stripped of their feathers, and punked out.  I'm particularly proud of the hummingbird clinging to the outside of the cage, because the beak is gold purl held in place by a very tiny pin.

Tags: costume, good times, party, steampunk

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