December 13th, 2010

rabbid:  dangerous

Incident in the night-time, on I-95

Someone tried very hard to really hurt me on my drive to work this morning. 

I'm writing it down while it's fresh in my mind.

Yes, I got the license plate (Wisconsin, RFB - vanity plate), but I didn't get the make, though the vehicle was a large, dark red SUV, like an Expedition, or another very large SUV.  I don't know the gender of the driver - I'm guessing male from the behaviour, but I can't say for sure, as it was dark.  It was very dark.  This experience was not in the least bit fun.

At around 5:10am, a large SUV suddenly pulled up very close behind me in the fast lane on southbound I-95, between rte 198 and rte 212 (? I think - the exit before you get to the DC Beltway), and stayed close behind me, even though I had nowhere to go, and was driving at the speed of traffic (it's a work zone through there, so everyone is supposed to be doing 65).  When a space beside me opened up, the driver sped around me very fast, swerved in front of me (so fast the SUV wobbled), then hit the brakes so hard I was forced to slow to about 40 mph immediately (there was no reason for them to slow - the road was clear ahead of them).  I did honk - I was scared.  I changed lanes to the right to get away from the SUV, and the driver swerved their vehicle hard to the right in a threatening manner.  It is possible the SUV could have hit me, since it came very close, and again, only the fact that I have quick reactions prevented a crash.

The driver proceeded to follow me for a bit, them moved off into the fast lane, and I thought I was away from the SUV, but then the driver appeared to change their mind, and suddenly came swerving across three lanes of traffic to follow me onto the westbound exit onto the DC Beltway.  The vehicle sped up until it was beside me, and started inching over into my lane, when I had nowehere to safely move.  I managed to get on to the Beltway, and the SUV continued to follow me until just before Wisconsin Avenue.  I knew the driver was deliberately taunting me because they would speed up until they were beside me, as if they were going to pass me, then they would slow down so they paced me.

I did what I've been taught to do - I did not retaliate, and I put myself in the middle of a cluster of cars so the SUV could not get next to me.  I made sure the SUV did not follow me onto the road to my  workplace (if they had, I'd have kept driving until I got home again).

Yes, I am angry that this person almost caused me bodily harm.  Yes, I am going to report it.

EDIT:  Can't report it.  Police won't even take the report.  So, I'm making this entry public with the License # and description of the car so people know there's an asshat out there who is going to commit vehicular homicide if they're not more self-controlled.