December 2nd, 2010

bun: sugar high

I have birdies and two ewes in the creche, but no hippo...

It's my birthday today - I'm 41.

I don't feel 41; I don't really feel any particular age.  Some days I'm 20, some days I'm 90 (thanks, pain!), and some days (okay, most days) I'm a teenage boy.

Yes, I have a juvenile sense of humour. 

But today I feel simply a bit fragile, as I'm in migraine recovery mode, where my head might start hurting any minute, and I feel the pressure, but it's being kept at bay for the moment.

Thanks for the LJ birthday gift, fabricdragon ; I am touched.  :)

My tree is decorated (vintage all the way - it's white, with mostly vintage or vintage-look ornaments), the creche is up (or down - it's under the sideboard that sits next to the tree), and all my vintage Christmas bits are out (did you know felt Santas are collectible?  I didn't - I just like them.  I have six or seven of varying ages).

I'm going to spend my day on the sofa with pillows, and maybe order a Cheesy Bites Pizza Hut pizza for dinner.  Because I can. me.