July 29th, 2010

yah rly

And now for something completely different, but still fun!

This Pennsic will be the 20th Anniversary of Gardiner's Company, Trayn'd Bandes of London! 

*wild crowd applause*  "How do they do it?"  "They're just awesome, I guess." *cheering*

To celebrate, we will be having a really awesome open camp party on Tuesday night of War Week (the second one), in the Vair and Ermine encampment N18, on Battle Road.  Anyone who knows me, knows any other Gardiner's people, who has been a member or friend in the past, wants to be a member or friend now, or is just into the whole Elizabethan thing, is welcome!

We're not going to be in persona, but we'll have Elizabethan games, munchies, and drinks, and we're going to start the evening with a short presentation on "Historic Elizabethan Games for Manly Men", which is a guaranteed crowd pleaser (and possible bloodbath, but shhh, don't tell my volunteers!).

It's going to be great fun, so please stop by - you don't have to be in Elizabethan clothing (though we'll be sure to compliment you if you are), just be in the mood for some fun and games!

Yay!  Party!  Is to be having happy feelings!

(Feel free to let anyone you think might be interested know about the party.  We're open to everyone who likes to have fun!)