July 2nd, 2010

Bun: zombies!


Aaaaah.  A week (more, really, since state of the me updates don't count) of radio silence.  I bet y'all thought I was never going to post again.

It was all in a good cause - I am writing a document for work that I showed to my boss for the first time yesterday, and he loved it, so 20,000 words (65 pages) is all good.  He's started calling it "the Tome".  I agree, since I'm only about half-way finished, and the thing is going to be a monster when I'm done.  Fortunately at that point, someone else is going to turn it into a digital module.  That's its purpose, anyway.  I'll probably be writing the "executive summary", though.

Oh, and the tooth?  No infection, but I've managed to crack three teeth, thanks to clenching my jaw when I'm stressed.  Beware my bite! 

So, you can see why I haven't sat down at the computer for much other than work these past couple of weeks.

Today, however, is my day off.  I can let my imagination roam far and wide, and do things like Google doll house furniture (though I'm not allowed to buy any until the Jacket Tour trip is paid off) and do laundry. 

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