June 16th, 2010

fuzzy luv

The last bit...

Thaks to everyone who has responded; I'm looking into some of the suggestions that people have made (thanks, redsquirrel !) to get the handouts distributed.  I'll be doing all that next week, so please be patient with me.

Also, a nice, perfectly friendly comment on the previous entry reminded me about copyright issues surrounding the handouts:  These handouts are for personal use only.  Please do not copy them for distribution, or publish them in any format, including web-based sites.  The pictures are copyrighted, and are being used under Fair Use, but widespread distribution is not cool.  Also, I want to use them again for more classes, so I don't want them distributed.  If the situation changes some day, I will load them onto my own site.  Until then, please respect the copyright notices in the handouts.  I appreciate it.

And welcome to my new readers!  Stick around, it gets more interesting than this last week has been.  :)

Aaaand, here's a picture of the baby vultures with one of the adults:
Collapse )