April 19th, 2010

Bun: joy

Happiness isn't guaranteed, it's a bonus.

I love Shapely Prose. I wish I was smart enough to blog for them, but I am quite content to enjoy their incisive commentary. Like this great post from Snarky's Machine that pulls apart the "follow these steps to a happy life!" nonsense, and calls it out.  Even though I'm an eternal optimist, I've never liked the "think positive!" movement, because it always seems to boil down IRL to a silencing, victim-blaming movement that simply doesn't want to think about anything that might be depressing.  It's populated by people who stop every serious debate with admonitions to "keep it positive/civil/nice!", and prefer to pretend that the world isn't full of issues that need to be examined and discussed, mostly because they are (as the post puts it) comfortable with the status quo, and can't be bothered to put themselves in anyone else's shoes to think about how it isn't all cupcakes and roses for everyone.

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