March 15th, 2010


Dead things, tiny things, and cupcakes

I hate driving to work in the rain; for some reason, people always want to change lanes into me.  I always wonder if the presence of moisture makes people seize up so they can't turn their heads and look.  It happened twice on my way to work this morning.

But anyway - the weekend was awesome, and like all awesome things, it was awesome.

We spent the weekend at the farm, and since Bob took Friday off, we had half of Thursday, all Friday and Saturday, and part of Sunday down there.  Lovely.  We didn't do a tremendous amount, but we got some useful stuff done, and fun stuff too - including baking really great orange cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (it was what I had in the pantry), so the weekend was delightfully punctuated with delicious cupcake consumption, which I am of the firm opinion one needs every now and then.

Bob had to go to Scottsville to get the generator serviced, and took one of the smaller roads back - where he found an 8-point buck head on the side of the road.  When he got back, we packed gloves and plastic bags and went to get it, since he knows me so well, and an 8-point deer skull with antlers is just the sort of thing I like.  It had been dressed, and the head and hide left behind to rot at least a week ago, so we cut off the skin and took the (really stinky) head back in a heavy-duty plastic trash bag.  It's out in the woods, making all the local bugs do happy little dances of food joy, and attracting turkey vultures (black vultures have no sense of smell, so they follow the turkey vultures).  In about six months it should be clean.

(I have a dog skull that went through the same treatment; the bugs get it really clean.  Yes, it sucks that someone dumped a dog on our property, but the skull is a thing of beauty, and fascinates all the children that visit.)

So, yeah.  Love the Bob, that he knows exactly the sort of thing I like, and won't flinch at helping me pick it up.

We also worked on the doll house - both of them, actually.  Bob pulled out the new one and looked at the pieces so we could get an idea of how we wanted to customize the rooms, and we put in the outside staircase to the roof garden on the little dollhouse.  It's lovely - black treads and railing, white stringer and spindles - and fits perfectly.  Since I glued it together myself, it's not perfect, but it's for a doll house.  I'm less about the perfection of miniatures and more about the slightly out of scale charm of a real doll house - the kind that can be played with, rather than put on a stand and stared at.

I didn't take pictures, because I left the camera at the apartment.  Next time.

Overall, it was a lovely, relaxed weekend, the kind I wish I had more of.  However, there's still lots to be done, not least taping and mudding the upstairs room in the garage, so Bob can build his workshop, so we can put in the library and the piano platform.  Also the tile and the flooring in the master bedroom.  And paint touchups.  And trim - but the trim has to wait until the workshop is done, so next up is finishing the garage.  cathgrace , if you happen to feel like spending a weekend mudding and taping while I amuse your kids, I won't say no.  ;)

MTA next weekend, then Bob's party.  We've put together some interesting posters, and I have most of the decorating scheme worked out.  It will be epic.