February 8th, 2010

orly? skulls


Day 2 of

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

I *heart* the Federal Government's snow policy.

Mind you, I'd be working from home tomorrow anyway - the plow that was supposed to clear our parking lot has been in a ditch off the highway for the past two days, and I can't get my car out of the parking space, despite Bob's best efforts with a snow shovel (something to do with the fact that the entire street is coated with two inches of packed snow, my car is rear wheel drive, and oh yes, it's a Miata). 

But paid day off in the snow is even better.  There is supposed to be another snowstorm on Tuesday night/Wednesday that might give us another foot of snow, so who knows what's going to happen this week.  This was the week my division was supposed to be moving to the Rockville office (but we still close if the Feds close, since we're contracted to the G), but I think that will have to be delayed a bit. 

As long as I can get out on Friday to refill my Rx, I'm good.

So... what's been happening in Lauraville?  I've been embroidering - I'm done with the fill on the gussets, and starting on the shoulder wings.  I've been playing an insanely addictive game online called "Fitz", which is just a matching game, but evil.  Eeeeeeeeviiiiiiiil.

And I've been succumbing to ads I see on TV again.  I got sucked in to the Bender Ball system, but despite inflating the ball, I haven't actually used it yet, but I do want abs with more strength, so I do plan to use it at some point.  More usefully, I got seduced by the Heeltastic heel moisturizing stick (my local supermarket has all the"As seen on TV!" stuff, so I don't have to pay shipping), and darn it, it actually works.

Ever since I had a stay in hospital as a teenager, I've had issues with my heels.  It started with really hideous large blood blister-like things on both heels, that bled every time I wore shoes for about six months.  Once they healed, I had awful cracked peeling calluses on my heels that have never gone away, despite filing and moisturizing.

(I know I should have, but I never got medical treatment for the heel thing - I didn't know about stuff like Neosporin to help them heal, and my experience of bringing things like that to my mother's attention was that she would sort of blow it off as not important enough for the doctor.  So, I just didn't tell anyone, and no-one really noticed the blood on my flip-flops.  Weird, huh?  That was my teenagehood - I was a secretive and uncommunicative child.)

But this Heeltastic stuff - it smells terrible, like rank July greenery in an overgrown field, but it seems to be working in conjunction with a little heel sandpaper thingy.  The heel with the worst cracks and peeling is completely smooth for the first time in twenty-five years.  My feet will always have hard calluses on them, that's just my feet, but at least they don't look ghastly.

(I have non-painful bunions, too, that stick out a good half inch.  I have gorgeous feet.  Gorgeous, I tell you!)

(They're really, really bony.  I kick and abrade my ankle bones all the time, they stick out so much.  Every time someone wishes they had ankles like mine, I laugh a hollow laugh and tell them about the bleeding.)

So, no opinion yet on the Bender Ball, but Heeltastic?  If you have super-dry and cracked feet, and don't mind the smell of fermented crushed nettle greens, go for it.