February 5th, 2010


It's so Unfair!

On The Daily Show I was watching last night (Feb 3; starts around 10:20), there was a gentleman who was complaining that women now outstripped men academically and in jobs, and just in general, and that we needed to focus on the needs of men more.

Allow me to pontificate:



That's not what I meant to say, even though that is my first reaction.  No, let me explain it slowly to those men* who actually think that women doing better is a bad thing...

When a set of people systematically remove all competition for the things they want, say by refusing equality to persons of differing genitalia**, then there is less competition, and those people who are in the privileged demographic do not have to work as hard for the things they want. 

With me so far?

At some point, through circumstances such as people who differ from the privileged class saying "WTF?!", the jobs and academic opportunities that formerly were unavailable to them will be opened up, and there will be a time of transition, where the privileged class will refuse to accept that the new, different people are actually capable of competing, and the new, different people will have to work three times as hard to get half as far.

Surprisingly, this will not make the new people give up, since they benefit from the new opportunities, even if they have to work very, very hard for them.  They will simply get used to the hard work.

Then, when more and more barriers to the non-privileged class are removed, the non-privileged people will be at an advantage, because of the whole "work three times as hard for half as much" thing.  The privileged people, on the other hand, will have a harder time of it, because they now have to work harder to get the opportunities they want, rather than simply being a member of the privileged demographic.  Many of the privileged will adapt, seeing this change as a good thing.

But others, against all logic and reason***, will perceive this as unfair, and those members of the privileged class will start whining.

And writing articles that bemoan the fact that they think the underprivileged class are now getting more attention, even though studies show that the privileged class still gets more actual attenton in the classroom and in jobs, especially top-level ones (pdf)****.   They will refuse to see the many benefits of equality (such as not having to work themselves into ulcers supporting a family single-handedly, or even being able to stay home themselves and raise their kids), and instead demand that things go back to the way they were.

Let me say this last part really slowly.

Men:  An Equal Playing Field Means You Have To Work Harder.  Welcome To Our World.  We Promise To Treat You Nicer Than You Treated Us.

Excuse me - I'm going back to laughing my ass off now.

*I trust none of my readers are this silly.

**Among so many, many others...

***Their reasoning is "I deserve to have these things handed to me, because it's always been that way".  Kyriarchy in action, folks!

Not to mention, as Samantha Bee pointed out, they still run the country.

me and my vulture


The snow is so gorgeous right now - it's coming down thick, and it's already well over a foot deep.

The only way I'd like it more is if it was Sunday night, and I was guaranteed Monday off.

But tomorrow is snow, Bob making beef and bean soup, and sewing on my jacket.