February 3rd, 2010

bun: spaced out

Fried brains on toast

Home because of the snow - liberal leave and all that jazz. 

(Meaning that it was absolutely lethal outside at 5am this morning, even though it's ok now.)

So, I'm working on the stuff for University this weekend - of course, it's supposed to snow.  I'm going to be really pissed if no-one shows up - I've spent three weeks putting together all the handouts and stuff.

I've been printing out the handouts myself, since they have lots'a colour pictures, and taking them to Staples is tedious.  I've gone through three cartridges of ink, but they're Kodak, so two cartridges (one colour, one black) only cost me $24.  I love my printer/scanner.  I'm smart, and did the extras that people might want to buy as cds - cheaper than the handouts, and cheaper for me to make - and I've lovingly designed cd labels for them, so everything looks cool.

But I'm tired.  I'm stapling together the last of the handouts (five classes worth - it's an all-day thing), and I'm so glad my printer does two-sided printing.

I'm pretty fried.  That's my update.