January 11th, 2010

Bun: pain


One of the things I am a-feared of in winter happened this morning - I slipped on invisible ice (I was looking at the ground, and it was identical to everything else!) and hit my hands.  Fortunately, I twisted, and took most of the weight on my hip (which is why I'm able to type this)*, but I gave both hands a right smack.

So, no smart clever post today.  I haz a hurt.

*(Also, I have drugs.  Sweet, sweet drugs.)
me and my vulture

to dye...

...I'm thinking about trying a lighter red dye for my hair.  Not as blonde as strawberry, but blonder and less intense red than my normal colour (which I have to get from Canada, as the colour was discontinued in the US, and the replacement, "Hot Tamale", bleeds a lot, stains for multiple washes, and is darker/not as nice).

I'm not really looking for arguments either way; I'm just thinking out loud.  Whee, drugs.

Update instead of writing another blog post:  My hands won't stop shaking.  Good times.