December 1st, 2009

party girl

"Let us talk", the attack_laurel said, "of... me".

Let's do a bit of catch-up on my life (with pictures!).

I know, you're all waiting with bated (or baited, but then you should probably brush your teeth) breath to read my rambling update that has no actual coherence apart from being in vaguely chronological order. But it's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm feeling self-indulgent.

Like that's anything new. My picture is in the dictionary next to Self-Absorbed. My name is also there:

Laura loahw-raaah (noun); Someone who is utterly convinced that everyone around them is
fascinated by all aspects of their life and inner thoughts. See also: Egotist


(Possibly unrelated note: I clean up at Balderdash.)

So let's start with Halloween, all these many entries ago. I had Bob take pictures of my outfit, since it had a couple of cool vintage bits. I found this great 1920s comb for very cheap (they're usually a bit pricey, so as much as I've wanted one, I hadn't put out the cash) because it was a bit broken (but easily mended by someone not collecting for investment value): Collapse )