November 12th, 2009

pook pook

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This has not been my week for posting, because I am distracted.

We're off on a cruise to Bermuda on Saturday, and I am excited.  It's my 40th birthday present - my birthday isn't until December,  but this is the last month the cruises run, so we're going.

Two days (well, one and two-thirds days) in Bermuda, two days at sea, and all the buffet we can eat. 

One of my other choices was Vegas, but I thought cruise + gambling + food + sightseeing seemed even more awesome.  Plus Karaoke.  I always try to get Bob to do his (extremely awesome) Elvis impression, because it drives the women wild, and is highly entertaining.  I suck at Karaoke, but I'm liable to get up and do it anyway, because it's not about being perfect, it's about causing extreme aural pain to everyone who has to listen because they're waiting for their turn having fun.