August 31st, 2009

bun: wheelie stool

A weekend in the life...

Phew, what a weekend.

Atlantia's Coronation was Saturday - and very nice it was.  The outgoing Queen, whom I adore, gave me a Queen's Order of Courtesy - which was entirely unexpected, and very humbling.

My friends know that I always figured that was an award I wouldn't get - not that I'm an awful person, it's just that I'm seen more as the person who can step in and be politely firm in correcting issues.  The designated bitch, if you will.  But I was very touched and weepiness ensued.

...Of course, I completely mucked up any gracious image I may have temporarily had by giggling madly through my oath of fealty when all the Laurels went up to swear, since BdeB brought Grace up with him, and as the herald started with "do you swear...", I hear a small voice behind me say "No".

I couldn't help it, it was funny. 

Overall, it was a lovely day, though the lack of comfortable seating caused physical issues later - but not so much that I did not clean on Sunday.

Yes, you heard me right.  I actually did housework.

Bob said he woke up determined to tidy, and was very amused to have me say "I'm going to clean today", since he figured he'd have to pry me away from my embroidery, but no.  I actually put most of the stray stuff away, we threw out random boxes and clutter, and Bob saved my life (and arms) by hanging up all the clothes in the SCA room (we tend to drape stuff or hang it on the doors, rather than actually hanging it back up in the closet).  He also vacuumed and dusted, two things I hate doing.  In return, I shall clean both bathrooms (I promise).

I can even see my studio - and walk in it.  It's not done yet, but I have made quite a bit of order out of chaos.  I even put one of my vintage dresses on my dress form, and I should photograph it, because it's pretty.  Fortunately, the form is adjustable, so I can fit a number of clothes on it, not just the ones that fit me.  I plan to eventually catalogue all my vintage stuff.

Maybe I'll even feature some of the best bits on my web site.  You know, if I ever actually get around to updating. 

But that was my weekend - happy times.

ETA:  Tricia is blogging about me on the Thistle Threads blog!