August 11th, 2009


Silver Bells and Cockle Shells...

Wow - I really haven't felt like writing recently.

Don't worry, for those of you that have friended me recently, I will be picking up the pace soon. Today, for instance.

We had a lovely weekend down at the farm - and we'll be going down next weekend to do more drywall in the garage, mow, and do sundry bits and pieces as needed. If anyone wants to join us, let me know.

I spent a fair bit of last weekend on the jacket - I now have the right sleeve completely outlined, and I'm starting on the two left arm pieces. I took a little time off from outlining to complete one motif, as it's my plan to document each motif design for future reference in a binder/notebook. This helps me keep the recurring motifs consistent, and I can take a rest from outlining to wrestle with neat things like gold thread.

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