July 22nd, 2009


It's a compulsion, and I have no intention of quitting

Hey -

I haz big projektz.  Both at work and at home, so I may be sporadically amazing, as opposed to continually amazing (no, no false modesty here!) in my posting.  The work one is pretty boring, but the home one is a new jacket, with spangles and gilt silk twist and pretty fill stitches, so I'm pretty excited to be working on something big again.

It does mean, though, that the embroidery will be calling me, and computer time (not to mention housework - sorry, Bob!) will suffer.  I'm 100+ hours (gussets, shoulder wings, and half a sleeve outlined)  in, and looking at 2500-3000 hours overall. 

Um, yeah.  I'll be done some time at the end of next year.  If I'm lucky.  Arm pain is a bit more severe now than it was for my previous jacket, so I might go a bit slower.

Why a new jacket?  Well, I'm bored of the old one.  Yeah, that's it.


Okay, okay - the sad truth is that I'm addicted to embroidery, and working on the Plimoth jacket made me want to try some new techniques on one of my own.  Plus, spangles.  I like glittery spangles - it's the Elizabethan equivalent of putting Swarovski crystals on everything.  Or Beadazzling.  I will also get to fix some of the sizing issues from the last jacket, and this one will go with a different set of skirts, since it will be black and gold (my SCA device colours, not that anyone really knows that, since I almost never display them).  I want to play with goldwork, detatched buttonhole, various kinds of fills, from dense to light, and play with design.

...And I like jackets.  I am jacket woman.   It will be the most complicated thing I've tried so far, and I'm excited.  I'm not keeping it mysterious, because I want to share.  Some of the work will be really new for me, and I want you all to suffer with me see my learning curve.

So, when I'm bored, or can't think of anything to post, you may get pictures.  Until then, talk amongst yourselves about my insanity.