July 13th, 2009

bun: sugar high

We'll be singing when we're winning...

The concert on Satuday was lovely, despite some technical difficulties at the beginning, wherein Elton John's piano pedal kept sticking, which resulted in three roadies - and at one point, Billy Joel, to the approval of the crowd - under the piano trying to fix it.  So, I got the impression that they switched the program around a little, and Joel did his thing first, then John did his, then they performed together.  It was very good - Joel performs his songs pretty straight (I remember this from the last concert), but John goes on wild flights of musical fancy in live performance, resulting at one point in the best rendition of Madman Across The Water that I've ever heard.  Fabulous.

...Not to mention the 10 minute performance of Rocket Man.  Great fun.  Good light show, too.

The crowd was ...


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