July 9th, 2009


Like a sausage in a too-small casing, no matter what your size...

(I just want to note that this is not a "hatin' on the skinny chicks" post.  I think women are wonderful, no matter what their size.)

I do like summer - summer comes with butterflies, fun animals, evenings outside, and wildflowers.  Even the weather has been particularly good so far this summer (I'm usually hugging the air conditioner like a drowning rat on a life raft by June).  There's just the sticky issue of summer weight-loss ads.  Every summer, like clockwork, I get bombarded by the information that I'm definitely not skinny enough, especially since women much thinner than me in the ads are worrying about how they look.

(The fact that I've lost 60-70 lbs and kept it off for 14 years now is of no relevance.  I am still way too fat, say the ads, because my stomach is not flat.)

Actually, there are two times of year these evil ads come out like avenging angels here to judge you for your adiposity (and find it completely unacceptable) - just after Christmas (with all that holiday feasting weighing heavily on one's mind and hips - and if it isn't, it should be!, they scream), and as summer begins (coming soon to a theater near you:  The Horror of the Body Not Fit to Wear a Swimsuit!  It had cellulite!  It didn't shave enough!  It sagged, it pooched, and it was bigger than a size two!  It made grown men faint with disgust!  And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!).  It's definitely not limited to weight loss companies, either -  it's also all the foods and "herbal remedies" and supplements and OTC diet "aids" that supposedly make one's disgusting, human shaped body disappear and replace it with the body of a mannequin with perpetually smooth and toned thighs.


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