June 23rd, 2009


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The visit with my mother went very happily - she loves the house and the land, and the Inertia Zone (under the cedar tree) claimed another acolyte, as she spent most of Saturday afternoon sitting under it, reading.  The wildlife cooperated quite wonderfully, making various appearances so she could see our little (and big, in the case of a doe who wandered into the yard) residents.  She was an amazing sport and actually climbed under and over trees to see our "waterfall" (which she adored, of course, since it's gorgeous), and we even got to see a scarlet tanager bathing in the stream.

Not to mention box turtles, skinks, fireflies, and the groundhogs, who appeared briefly at the beginning of the weekend, then spent the rest of the time judiciously absent from all the activity.

Friday night we got an amazing light show, with lightning in the clouds, but no rain.  Saturday the stars came out, and we stood in the yard, being nibbled on by mosquitoes, and admired the show. All in all, a very successful weekend.

I didn't get to see as much of my brother - he's been sick, so he delayed his trip (he's in DC this week for business) until Saturday evening, but he did get to see a bit of the woods and the house, and was suitably approving.  I had a lovely time cooking real dinners (I have a kitchen!) and playing hostess, and talking with my mother.

Now, I'm tired, and mad busy, so I'll post a couple of photos this evening, and hopefully get back into the swing of posting tomorrow.