June 11th, 2009

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Keeping the doctor away, 19th century style.

Thanks for all the questions - you can ask more, if you like (if you haven't found me incredibly boring already), and I'll keep answering them in the comments section of that post.

(Or, if someone asks a question that requires a really long answer, I might post about it. Fair enough?)

But today - well, actually a couple of weeks ago, but I'm only writing about it now - I got distracted by shiny fun mailing stuff in my mail box. No, not e-mail, paper mail. A booklet, in fact.


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Yesterday, there was a protest rally in Upper Marlboro, MD over union contract negotiations.  The protestors waved about a giant blow-up skunk with fangs.

This skunk was apparently supposed to represent Bob. They're a little pissed at him because he keeps informing them that they cannot have what they want.*

Is anyone good at searching for this stuff?  Bob looked, but couldn't find anything.

Skunk with fangs.**

Pickshurs!!!!!!! NEED!!!!!

*What they want is not possible financially without losing bunches of jobs in the County.  The County , naturally, wishes for as many people to keep their jobs as possible, for tax purposes.

**An associate of Bob's was very jealous.  He said "When they make a big blow-up animal representation of you, you've arrived".  Hee!