June 4th, 2009

bun: tired

Recovery = insubstantive blog entries. Sorry.

I'm a sleepy little animal this week. Recovery from a big trip takes a while.

I didn't really feel like posting pics last night - there aren't that many of them, and I'm not feeling the blogging love right now.  Instead, I finished up my scroll contribution to the Golden Rose Tournament (the last bits will need to be filled in on the day, and due to the nature of the artwork, I will have to fill it in myself).  It's pretty, if a bit out of the mainstream.  I'll post pics of that soon-ish (when I get around to scanning it).

We go back down to the house this evening to continue putting down the floor.  Mmmmmm, more recovery time in my future.  ...And I'm not even working the laminate chopper (which is like a huge blunt paper cutter, and seems like an ideal murder weapon for a Stephen King short story).  I'd say that I'll be happy when everything is done, but as everyone knows, it will never be done.

Oh, Bob caught a pic of a luna moth last weekend.  Apparently, all I have to do is mention it in my blog, and it appears.

Now, where's that winning lottery ticket?


...Maybe it just works for wildlife.