June 3rd, 2009

bun: downcast

Back home, with mixed feelings

We are back from Plimoth, with mixed feelings of joy and sadness, since this was the last time we'll be touching the jacket, ever.  The frames are almost entirely completed, and what is left is not large enough for another sewing session. The jacket will be sewn together, and will go on display at a museum for the next two years.

I got to finish out a frame - I sewed 600+ Oes (spangles) on over the course of three days (the first day, I did goldwork), and the upper left arm was the first large jacket piece to be finished.  Tricia had champagne for us, and we celebrated. 

It's been an amazing experience.  I am deeply honoured to be part of it, and Tricia and Wendy are brilliant, talented, learned, and highly entertaining hosts.

The session was not without its interesting parts, but those are not for discussion on a public blog.  Suffice to say there was one person we were very unimpressed with.

I will, if I get around to it (still recovering), post a couple of pictures tonight, and maybe a little more on the experience, but right now I just want to hold it close to my chest and meditate on it.

But I will say that pinkleader , cathgrace , and anselmatthews  made for a great road trip team.  I really enjoyed their company, and would be happy to hit the road with them any time.