May 20th, 2009

bun: sarcasm

Wherein I am boring...

Yesterday was a tad... rough. Pain woke me up, pain kept me from sleeping, and pain stopped me from doing anything useful (or fun). It's really annoying to take a day off and not be able to get anything done in that time.

I am trying to finish a veil for Saturday, since I don't have anything earlier period (14th century-ish) to cover my head in the sun, and going to the event was kind of a last-minute decision. I'm wearing my blue and white cotehardie (low-drag, short dressing time), so I need something veil-wise.

My life and its problems, let me bore you with them.

I'm also bringing some of my jewelry for[info]thatpotteryguy to sell - I'll have a couple of the pretty Pearl medallion-style pendants (I scooped up all of them I could before they disappeared, but they're definitely a limited-time thing!). It's been a while since my jewelry saw the light of day, and there should be a couple of new things for people to look at.

(Note to self: Need to work on new embroidery pattern, knitted purses, linen/hemp lacing cords, and stuff. Stuff.)

More immediately, I need to work on a scroll for the Golden Rose Tournament, and I have the design in my head, but I haven't put it to paper yet. I work well on deadline, but I do need to actually unearth my drafting desk and start work. This is dependent on my carving a way through the chaos of the studio, which is making a strong effort to qualify for an appearance on Clean House.

My life. The agony. Oh, the agony.  I'm so agonized by my pitiful existence, I'm getting chunks of sarcasm stuck up my nose.