May 15th, 2009

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linkspam for Fans of Colour support!

Just a quickie - I may have another post later. Go read this:

And on Monday, May 18th, whether you're a Fan of Colour, or a supporter, please consider posting the banner from that post in your journal to show solidarity with FoC (and check out the  foc_uLJ community!).

For more on why people (me too!) feel this is neccessary, read neo-prodigy's excellent breakdown of MammothFail '09. 

I really don't understand people who don't see a problem with erasing an entire race of people so that the writer can say:

"The *plan* is for it to be a "settling the frontier" book, only without Indians (because I really hate both the older Indians-as-savages viewpoint that was common in that sort of book, *and* the modern Indians-as-gentle-ecologists viewpoint that seems to be so popular lately, and this seems the best way of eliminating the problem, plus it'll let me play with all sorts of cool megafauna)."

"eliminating the PROBLEM"?!  WTF?!!!!! I mean really - the best way to solve all those "icky" genocide/racism issues is to simply make Native Americans NOT EXIST?  !!!eleventy!!!!

...but worse, to have another writer, in response to the reasonable protests at PoC being made invisible in a superlatively casual way,  basically say "there weren't any Fans of Colour before the internet, because I didn't see any" is fail on such a massive level that I actually banged my head against the keyboard.  I have QWERTY-face because of these people.

Thanks for listening (and reading!  No, go on, read the links!).