May 5th, 2009

Bun: steam no goggles

Not the Costume Con update

Costume Con was wonderful for the people, unbelievable for the costumes, and incomprehensible for the masquerade judging Sunday night.  I am swamped at work (everything is a priority today, and I just got my computer access again after the three-day saga updating my access card), so pictures and a full dissection will be up tonight.

I got three hall costume ribbons (not a big deal - they seemed to be giving them out pretty freely), and more importantly, I was made Supreme Court Justice of Costume Court.  Good times ensued.

Tonight, tonight, and tonight, burns my sweet candle at both ends...
Laurel cat shenaniganz

Weekend wonders to behold...

Thank you all for the nice comments and pictures in the previous entry; like sarahbellem, I'm still recovering (despite popping coedine like candy, I'm still achy and rough from lifting and moving everything this weekend), and I'll reply soon, but I have a limited amount of oomph, so I'd better use it on an actual post (y'know, with pictures).

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