April 30th, 2009


Hoof in Mouth disease

Thanks to Orac at Respectful Insolence, I've been able to keep up on what HuffPo is writing about health issues, without, you know, actually having to read the damn thing.

(I prefer to keep my IQ as intact as possible, thank you.)

One of their "health contributors" wrote an article about how colonics can protect you against Swine Flu (the link goes to the post about it at RI, not HuffPo itself, though there are links, if you must).

Now, I'm very fond of this humour piece on colon health I wrote years ago (which is why it's on my site, natch), but for Deity's sake, have we not given up on the idea that flushing warm water up your backdoor does nothing but clean out feces that was on its way out anyway, just a bit faster? And that for some people, it's actually bad to persist in high pressure "colonic irrigation" (diverticulitis, IBS, Crohn's, Coeliac) because it can cause damage to the delicate lining of your inner sanctum?

No, clearly not.

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bun:  angry orange

Loud, verbal, enthusiastic, *continuing* consent is the only consent.

Uh, lost someone with that last post.

What the hell, let's lose some more with some good ol' rape-related linkspam, in honour of the brown underwear stain of a movie that actually includes a "funny" date rape scene, Observe and Report.

Some people may look at the title of my post and say (as has been said in many discussions, IRL and on line, "but asking permission constantly? That's no fun!". This post is dedicated to them, and their ilk worldwide.

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