April 29th, 2009

bun: tired

Silk skirts and vintage, and roses on mittens...

Ha, hah. Day three of icepick-stabbing headache, thanks very much.

I'm pretty sure any of my readers who suffer with a chronic issue that puts constant stress on their body is familiar with other things going haywire because the body can't handle stress on top of stress with any skill - the added pressure over my being unwell last week and the headache (not plural - it hasn't gone away) has led to my mouth developing the most irritating sore spots that make consuming anything a challenge.

(I assume my body is doing this out of spite, as it normally breaks down in some way right before an event I've been looking forward to.  For a dear friend's wedding, I had a full-blown, four day migraine, right when I really wanted to enjoy her fantastic NYE wedding (and a visit to San Francisco, where I had never been.  If I plan to go dancing, my body will decide that day is a perfect day to start throwing up for no reason, and a trip to England usually results in a mild case of plague, or something.  My body is evil.)

They don't tell you about the extras you get when you get a permanent condition. I for one, am considering asking for my money back.

But! I cannot be under the weather for this weekend emotionally, because I am set! The last accessory for my steampunk costume is a hair away from being done, and I'm excited (Bob made it - y'all will be impressed by his vision, I think). The other stuff is done, and I have five costumes, which seems about right for the equation that runs: Importance of costume to event (i), multiplied by Odds of other attendees also making multiple costumes ((o)1billion), divided by Level of Complication of each costume (/lc blah blah blah omgdoyouseewhatshe'swearing?!!!!).


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