March 30th, 2009

Bun: hung over


Sooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiired.

Bob's annual 50th birthday party (#9) went off perfectly this last Saturday, and I will post photos to prove it tonight. (I believe pinkleader  has already uploaded photos, if you're feeling impatient.)

On the plus side, everyone did amazing costumes, we had an awesome time, and I actually managed to pull off an okay Death Star menacing Ewoks on Endor cake. I'm holding out for a spot on Cake Wrecks.

Pictures this evening, I promise.  I was too tired to download the pics from my camera.

I am still too tired to do anything much; I had no idea spending a little over an hour frosting a cake would cause so much pain.  Live and learn (and stop squeezing icing bags, I guess).  But oh, we had fun.  There came a point in the party where I was lining up various groups of people in the kitchen (pinkleader  and Alan's kitchen, to be precise - they let us use their house every year, and I can't thank them enough) by yelling "Okay, I need all my Leias!  All Leias, please report to the kitchen!".  I am bossy.  I got some awesome photos, though.

(Yes, yes, you'll see them this evening.  I swear.)

I did my usual costume thing of slapping accessories over a black body suit (seriously, 7 out of the 9 parties, I've worn a black body suit of some type) and calling myself "Random Jedi killed in the Clone Wars", but since I made the cake, I figured I didn't need to do much of a costume.  Bob, however - he came up with the idea, and I made him the outfit for Oldie-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Masseuse.  Fuzzy slippers (which I finally found Thursday, since I wasn't organized enough to find Yoda or Chewbacca fuzzy slippers), a "back massager" (vibrator, but not - to my mixed relief and disappointment - a really naughty-looking one), and professional wrestler-type lettering on the back of his robe.  Very amusing.

The Stormtroopers got a little out of control at one point, and I will treasure the photos forever.  I'll be selling them to the highest bidder if any of them ever run for public office.

(Mind you, there are a whole bunch of photos of me out there - fully dressed! - that will probably ensure I'll never be a Supreme Court Justice, either.)

The downside of such a great party is that I need at least a week to recover now - this semi-disability thing sucks rocks on occasion (y'know, a little more than usual).  So, nap time.

I swear, pictures later today.  It was an awesome party. 
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Visual Evidence

Party pictures!  And commentary.

First, the cake.  I wanted to make a Death Star cake (yes, it's been done - Google "Death Star Cake" and see the horror.  The horror), so that's how we ended up with the Star Wars theme this year.  The cake pans I got were quite small, so I also got a sheet cake for extras.


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