March 18th, 2009

me and my vulture

It's not a big deal - but it matters

I do have a habit of promising pictures and then not following up, don't I?  It's a good thing you're all patient.

Speaking of all of you, I've seen a bunch of brilliant, smart, and discerning readers sign up recently - welcome to all of you, and I'm happy you're here.  Please excuse me not friending you back automatically, but my friends' list is out of control as it is, and I'm falling behind on my reading (i.e., it's blocked at work, and when I'm home I'm doing other stuff) and feel terribly guilty that I don't respond to even the friends I already have that often.

On the plus side, 99.9% of my posts are public, and the ones that aren't are just personal whines, so you're not missing anything.  Anyway  - I'm super-glad you're here, and I'll try to keep things interesting.  Today, I'm talking about costuming.

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