March 17th, 2009

me and my vulture

random stuff

I am wearing a ring with a green stone today, and if anyone pinches me, I'm going to go Irish on their ass.

*ahem* I mean, happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone. Let's celebrate a saint with a serpent phobia by wearing ugly clothes and drinking massive quantities of green food colouring.

Works for me.

I had a lovely weekend, albeit painful, and spent too much money on books. If any of you embroidery buffs were questioning getting the Twixt Art and Nature exhibition catalogue because of the price, do get it - you won't regret it. While it is difficult to get a real sense of the actual size of the exhibits (both massive and tiny) from the photographs, there's a metric tonne of great information in it. (Amazon link here.)

I need to pull together my fine threads, because I am dying to try some of the really tiny stitching, especially the detatched buttonhole stitch. I am afraid that while samplers do nothing for me visually, I am going to end up making one anyway, just so I can keep all my experiments together. After that, I want to start a new jacket, this time in black, with massive amounts of spangles.

...I'll post some pics tonight, or something (no pics of that exhibit, since they didn't allow photography, but I have some pics of other stuff at the Met). I really just posted so I'd have an opportunity to use my St. Pat's icon.