March 12th, 2009

me and my vulture

Wherein I take a sharp right turn into the library...

Like many (if not most) people in the SCA, I'm a mad book collector. I do occasionally get rid of books - ones that I bought because I was desperate for something to read, books that turned out to be utter crap despite their great write-up, that sort of thing - but I am loath to part with the majority of them. I read them over and over again; I have at least a third of them memorized, but it's like seeing an old friend and talking over stories you've heard a hundred times before - there's great fun in the re-telling.

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Bogart Love

Linkspam (and a request for help from popelizbet)

Speaking of race and books...

The ever-delightful popelizbethas asked me to use my wide (*cough*) influence to help spread the word about con_or_bust,an LJ community started to help fans of colour to attend WisCon. The thought behind this? A little linkspamming to get you started:
kate_nepveuwrote a post about raising money to help people who are part of the Sci-Fi fan community, but tend to lack a voice in the S/F Con world because of financial issues. fight_derailingis the community she has started to talk about how discussion of race online in S/F communities and writers' blogs tend to get shut down before they get started (she also has some good links - the community is young, that's why we're getting the word out).

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