February 12th, 2009



I haz a sick, and a pallet of flooring to be delivered to the farm tomorrow, so I iz off to the farm today.

Like I said, haz sick, but I iz making the best of it. The accompanying nightmares (I always get nightmares when I'm sick - a combination of not being able to breathe and being too hot, I guess) are not much fun, but on the plus side, since I am tapering off the Lyrica, for the first time in months, I feel happy, not drugged, and not hungry. It's really sad that I feel better off it than I did on, and sadder still that it took me so long to realize how crappy it made me feel (IIRC, the same thing happened with the Ultram and the Neurontin).  I had hoped so much for it (especially since it seemed to work at first, then stopped) (see:  Paxil, Soma, Flexeril, Ultram, Neurontin, Orphenadrine, OTC pain-relievers, and steroid injections, to mention a few), and had my hopes dashed (again).

At this point, I think I've actually gone through all the reasonable options (and don't feel like taking more dangerous options when I already have something that kinda works, even if it doesn't work as well as I'd like - mind you, it still works better than anything else I've tried), and can honestly say that the opiates are the least awful and the most effective (though such is the nature of drug hysteria in this country that none of my doctors believe me until I rattle off all the other drugs I've tried).

(And the ones that made me far more euphoric and had just as awful withdrawal symptoms were blithely prescribed, but I have to jump through hoops for the one that works.)

People talk about how awful opiates are, but for me, they've been far less awful (though they still have side effects) than anything else I've tried. Oh well.

But I will make a nice trip of today's drive (I am doing it separately from Bob, who cannot take the time off), and I will visit some nice antique stores on my trip down.

Finally, by way ofcleolinda(buy her books!), here is something even cuter than a koala in a tub bath:

Not suitable for home security

See y'all on Tuesday - For the Americans, Happy Prez Day (Monday)!