February 10th, 2009



I don't know how I managed this in February, but I seem to be all over chigger bites. No, I really don't know how I managed it, but I have large welts all over my legs that itch like a sonofabitch, and they all appeared a day or so ago. I'm allergic to all insects that use saliva to bite, so I have a fun couple of weeks ahead of me as the bites slowly drive me insane.

I hate being bitten - I got so mad when the woman downstairs took in some stray cats (admirable in itself) and then (not admirably) did not give them any flea treatment, so the fleas started breeding and coming through the floor into my apartment. No-one believed me until I started keeping a little soapy glass of water with suspended fleas in it. Fleas, and not even a kitty to pet. I was scratching for weeks.

The woman downstairs is a bit weird.  She makes keeping a glass of fleas in soapy water seem pretty normal.

I promised photos of what I bought over the weekend, but they will have to wait until this evening (wait, Laura, you promised that yesterday...); I bought some nice lace, and I've been dunking it in Sodium Perchlorate or something, to whiten the yellow away. I left it to dry overnight, and I'll see how it turned out this afternoon (too dark and tired to see this morning). If it works, I'll bleach the rest (and maybe a few other things), and iron them.

I want to make one of those inset lace shirts - I'm sure a lot of people are planning one - for Bob, since he's slightly more likely to be seen in his shirt sleeves than me. It's not a Stash project, because I picked up the antique lace after the challenge, but it will be really cool. Assuming the lace doesn't disintegrate, or something. It's a really awesome cluny, and I found a matching inset in two sizes, and a matching edge lace. Bob will be stylin'.

I'll post pictures this evening. In the meantime, read Bunny - it's funny.