February 9th, 2009

Bun: pain


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(Emotional about face!)

I am very, very ready for Spring - I loves me some pretty, pretty flowers. On the other hand, I could use an extra month or so to work on stuff - I keep adding to my list. I do rather need to get to work on some of that list, but I have been doing such fun things as buying a new truck, buying flooring for the house, and generally "stimulating the economy" (I believe that's the current euphemism for "spending money like water"). When we weren't out buying big-ticket items (it's a really nice used F-150, btw), I was curled up on the sofa drawing samples for embroidery.

So, I'm getting some things done, but they weren't on the list, except in a rather abstract way.

And that's what you get for the moment. I'll take some pictures of the stuff I bought over the weekend and show you this evening.

Oh, except for book plug: cleolinda 's book Cut! Movies in 15 Minutes arrived on my doorstep Friday, and it is screamingly funny. Y'all really, really should buy it.