January 12th, 2009

Laurel cat shenaniganz

Taking the Blame - or not.

You get pictures of the stuff tonight - though I see there are already a few floating around. Unfortunately, I can't see them at work, since Flickr and other similar sites are blocked at work, and I haven't been near a computer since 12th Night.

I'll fill you in on my impressions of an event most of you didn't go to (and many of you don't care about) this evening.

I've been reading a book I picked up in the grocery store (I do such things for kicks sometimes), called What Your Childhood Memories Say About You, by Kevin Leman - it's a bit facile, and terribly keen on the G word, but amusing and somewhat insightful in a superficially helpful way. According to it, I am actually a mix of all the birth orders, making me a neurotic mess.

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