January 5th, 2009

green velvet


I cut my hair into bangs again; I was getting tired of the very severe look I had, since I put my hair back all the time.

(Long hair is a bit annoying; I put it up at work, I put it up for events.  Why do I have it again?  Oh, yes - I like long hair.)

But - I had grown it out so I could put it in rats for events, but I have put it in rats precisely once this year, and I used to frizz out my bangs all the time.  I like the frizzy look, and my small coif fits when I wear it like that, so I cut it again.

I plan to do it up big for 12th Night.  That, and I'm working hard on getting my pink socks done, plus the collar and supportasse - and I'm trying to do all this in a week.

Other than the pressure, my New Year holiday was very nice - friends stayed at the farm, and I had my first dinner party in years.  I took a picture; you'll see it this evening, plus selected pics from the NYE party. 

Gotta go.  Work calls.  Blech.  When is that winning lottery ticket supposed to come through?