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Another pic...

Here's a pic of Bob in his utterly awesome costume, of a western gentleman.  I made the goggles on his hat, he put the rest together.  His hair is so gorgeous.  *sigh*

Behind him, you can see the robot he built - it's not working right now, which is why its innards are on display. *wink*  We did quite a bit of lighting with glow sticks and mini lights from the wedding section of JoAnnes.

steampunk 2

This was my "desk" in the "study" (this was my main room to decorate).  Bob nixed my initial idea, which was to bring my desk from our library, but he did let me bring my chair (which you can't really see in this photo, but trust me, it's gorgeous).  Most of the things on it are antiques and things I've collected over the years, but the bronze skull in front was from Design Toscano, and very nearly didn't arrive in time - it was backordered for months (I ordered it in June, and got it two weeks before the party). 

(All these photos are copyright Victoria Dye. She is a super-awesome professional photographer, and a great party planner.)
Tags: costume, fun, good times, party, steampunk

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