December 18th, 2008


Linky meme cop-out entry

If you want to read about the Christmas Turtle, go back one entry. This entry is a total linky cheat and meme-alicious. The turtle story will have a couple more entries before I leave for Christmas break, don't worry.

Just like a blog should be, right? Making hay off other people's work. Speaking of which:

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me and my vulture


I am not going to a friends' nice get-together because I am having a meds reaction, and I am walking into walls, while trying to get my EYELIDS TO STOP TWITCHING AAAAAAAAAAH THEY'VE BEEN DOING IT ALL DAY WHY DON'T THEY STOP.

Turtle post tomorrow; it's mostly written, but I only have two more turtle stories for before Xmas, so I'm stretching them out.


I have new Xmas icons - tudorlady</lj> , I updated the skaters - I can't get the link to load, but you can see it on my userpics page under "xmas skaters".  Feel free to gank.  The other two are the upset bun (above), and happy bun.  I love free web clip art; it's great for altering images one has shamelessly stolen in a FIT OF LOVE, OH YES, LOVELOVELOVE THE BUNNIES.  *TWITCH*


Okay, I'm done whining now.  Time to go lie face-down on the sofa.

Update:  I am doing better now - it was the lack of medication (I slept through my dosing schedule) that put me over the top.  The eyelid thing appears to have stopped for the moment.

I'm still walking into walls a bit, but that's somewhat normal for me.  Thanks for the concerned messages.  :)