December 8th, 2008

Bun: sleepy

Thoughts produced by shopping. Clothing thoughts. You know, ramblings.

This seems about right...
Which creature of the night are you?
Your Result: Cthulu Spawn

You are really an alien thing, aren't you? I can't describe you because you are beyond. We say "left field" and you say "Krn Grth Thchrang." You are the wild card of the bunch, the unknown quantity

Which creature of the night are you?
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Vintage Creature of the Night (and the creche of doom)

So, I said pictures, right? Let's start with the outfit I wore out clubbing on Friday. I picked up the dress in London at an amazing vintage store near Waterloo station called Radio Days (way cheaper than anything you'll see around Portobello Market).  I went there on my birthday, then again the next time I was in England, and found this dress, that fits like a glove.Collapse )