December 1st, 2008

Bun: sleepy

Monsters in my socks

Real post this afternoon.

(If you can call me reminiscing over several vintage outfits a real post.)

(But you'll have to.)

It's my birthday tomorrow - I'm just throwing that out there in a pathetic attempt to get as many birthday wishes as possible (which I don't deserve, because I am lousy at keeping track of my friends' birthdays) - and I plan to go dancing at Orpheus Friday night.  If anyone wants to join me (I think my usual suspects are busy), Bob and I will be there from about 9:30 on.

I have a new manicure on (black tips with roses), and it's severely interfering with my ability to type.  But it's cute.  I suppose that will be enough.

I want to be independently wealthy so I don't have to work.  I imagine that's a fairly universal want.  Damn those trust fund kids - they don't know how to spend their money, and waste it all on drugs and booze when they could be wasting it on awesome fabric and amazing books. 

I have finished pink sock number two (the sock with all the corrections), and now will start sock number three.  Sock number one will become a Christmas stocking, or something, since it has numerous mistakes which I have corrected with sock number two.  Sock three will be as correct as I can get it.

...of course, I could really be knitting socks for the three-legged monster that lives in my closet.  You never know.  Monsters need socks, too.  It gets cold in my closet, since it has no heat vent, and appears to be largely uninsulated.  I don't know for sure, but it's darned cold in there in the mornings, and the monster is usually wrapped up in one of my sweaters.

Poor thing.  Now I feel like I need to knit him a wooly hat. 

And with that thought, back to work.
it's... beautiful

6:21pm, eastern time

The convergence of Jupiter and Venus and the moon is happening in the Southwest as I write this - quick, go outside and check it out.  It won't last more than an hour longer.

I saw it; it's beautiful.  Unfortunately, all my camera could get was blurred dots.  :(