November 24th, 2008

me and my vulture

Weekend Update

Holiday Faire went very well for me - apparently, necklaces are popular. I didn't sell many bracelets (one, I think), and Bob suggested repurposing them as necklaces. Sounds like a good idea to me.

It was lovely to see everyone, and the Vortex of Evil block was the most awesome fun, especially since we had room in the middle to keep our stuff safe and stage things without worrying about the general public.

I need another table; because I set up my booth to draw people in, if I leave even the slightest gap at the back, people assume it's a throughway, and they charge through, often jeopardizing my stuff.

(The 12th Night I vended at the same thing happened, except that there, some girl actually climbed over the tubs I had put in the back to stop people, and gave me a dirty look for blocking her way.)

Otherwise, though, it went well. However, there were fewer people shopping this year, so I have a heartfelt plea to all my readers: If you are thinking of Christmas presents this year, please support small businesses, and consider buying your presents from thatpotteryguy and The Spanish Peacock. And others, such as Reconstructing History, who got my nightcap patterns on Saturday, and will be selling them posthaste. There are currently three nightcap designs, but I have plans for more.

In fact, if you can, buy all your presents from small businesses. Thank you.

On Sunday, I completely forgot about my plan to reclaim my studio by loading up massive amounts of stuff for the thrift store, and we went to the local antique mall instead. I picked up yet more 1950's ephemera, this time in the form of two baby magazines, one with awesome ads, which I will be scanning and giving the James Lileks treatment.  I also got an amazing 1960s sheath dress with some really fantastic detailing at the neck that looks like flower petals for $28, and Bob's sharp eyes caught a really cool WWII "mother" brooch.  

Photos will be forthcoming, especially of the dress and the brooch.

I actually went because I was looking for stuff for my steampunk outfit for Costume Con, and I found a really great pattern that will work for part of it.  The pattern will be worth a picture too, I think - I believe it's from the very late 1960s, but I'll have to examine it closer.  It may be 1970s.  Either way, it's awesome.

I really need, now that I have a digital camera, to photograph most of my vintage wardrobe - partly for the record, but partly because I want to share my joy in the best pieces.  Mind you, my trend in collecting vintage clothing has a certain sense of humour, so not all the pieces are exactly tasteful.  But they're all beautiful to me.

But I must get back to work.  Au revoir, mes amies.