November 17th, 2008

me and my vulture

50 things

I need to start posting from home (though I need a new keyboard there - the one we have sucks for my typing style, which is so light, half the time the letters don't even register. Pah), since it took me an hour to get my intarwebs to function at work - of course, I managed to keep myself busy, but still - massive pain.

I actually had something else I was going to write about (don't I always?), but I got sidetracked by marymont's A&S sub-challenge; make 50 things only using your current stash.

I am intrigued, and would like to join in. This challenge has narrow enough parameters that I actually feel... challenged by it.

I have stuff. I am making stuff. I have stash.

I not only have fabric stash, I have bead stash. And wool stash. And craft stash that isn't neccessarily fiber-related. I like the idea of using up my stash on all sorts of things. I'll post things as I finish them.

Can I count my pink socks? They're not done yet. I'll think about it.

I've been downloading free knitting and crochet patterns for no real reason, except that I want to learn to crochet so I can make a little amigurumi sardine tin with sardines. Too cute.

I actually don't have a massive stash like some people seem to; I have a few useable lengths of fabric, lots of scraps, and a bit of vintage stuff.  I don't even fill the plastic shelving we have for my fabric; the top shelves are filled with boxes and pattern bits.  But I have more than enough stuff to make 50 cool things.

However, my challenge will not really start (except for socks) until after Thanksgiving; I am still sorting things for Holiday Faire (I'm making a few last-minute bits of jewelry), and am working on the nightcap patterns (which are pdf'd, scanned, and just about ready to go to Kass).  After HF, I am off to Jamestown for their Foods and Feasts weekend (starts on Thursday), and I will be doing a food display in the Governor's House, which means buying food and preparing the display, and I will have three days to do that (though most of it is done the day before so it doesn't go bad). 

(The food is not eaten; after 2-3 days of sitting out in the house, even though it's like a meat locker in there, the food is covered with dust and is icky.  I sometimes make Banbury tarts for the fort people, but I haven't had a chance to make up the filling this year.)

Speaking of so much to do, where the hell did my year go?  Last I looked, it was the middle of summer, and I had tons of year left.  Now it's almost Thanksgiving, and I'm almost 39 (December 2).  I admit, my life is awesome, and I totally wouldn't want to go back and do it over, but it's going by too fast! 

Conversely, I had insomnia last night, and the night seemed to last forever.  Stupid brain.

Anyway - tomorrow (or this evening), other post.  For now - marymont 's challenge.  Me make stuff good.  Me make fifty good stuff.  Me busy now.